Both Lorraine and Rose have been trained in the person centered approach to counselling. This means that you, the client, are at the centre of our work. We are led by what you bring to each session and will support you through your journey. Our role is to sit with you in a safe comfortable environment. We can support your  exploration of thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to help you think about the way forward. We may talk to you about the possibility of incorporating other types of therapy. Integrative allows other theories to work alongside Person centred.

Both Lorraine and Rose use one to one counselling and to enhance their work may offer other techniques  to support their client work including drawing, working with stones, mindfulness and CBT. Lorraine has a particular interest in art and doodle therapy, and Rose has training and a personal interest in mindfulness and spirituality.

If you feel you would benefit from talking to someone then call Rose or Lorraine today.



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