Therapist – Lorraine


Hi my name is Lorraine I am a Therapeutic Counsellor, professionally trained and a registered member of the BACP.

As a Therapeutic Counsellor the role is one of genuine support.

Therapeutic Counselling is non judgemental and offers real empathy and confidentiality.

Therapeutic Counselling is based on the clients need for UPR unconditional positive regards, empathy and honesty.

Therapeutic Counselling can support you- the client or patient whilst you explore some of life’s issues : Stress, Anxiety, Bereavement, depression, Loss of confidence, Addiction, Relationship Issues, bullying, abuse, identity issues, OCD, PTSD.


Things seem so difficult or different now. It’s not easy going to work or leaving the house. What’s with the ache in my chest? I feel like I have a washing machine in my stomach, I want to be sick and cry for the strangest reasons at the strangest times. My hands sweat and shake. I don’t recognise me any more. Life feels lonely, no one understands me any more. I’m so angry now.

These are a few of the statements I hear regularly, each one is real, valid and debilitating to the person exploring their emotional state of mind.

A therapeutic Counselling relationship is one built on trust of the situation. Working together we explore how and maybe why you came to feel the way you do. We’ll explore coping mechanisms and techniques to take you forward, therapeutic counselling allows you the client or patient the opportunity to be yourself and not feel judged, but be in control in the room.

Counselling can be short term or for longer depending on your own personal needs.

 BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy) work within the ethical frame work of being Person Centred. I am a registered member of this organisation and can also be found on the counselling Directory at the following post codes DA1 DA10 DA11 

I  coach and mentor young people going into apprenticeships, people struggling with school, college or university, with issues such as fitting in, coping with being away from home or being bullied. 

A fully qualified Therapeutic and Bereavement Counsellor and Assessor for a hospice in Kent supporting patients, families and carers coming to terms with life limiting & life threatening conditions.

One of my favourite therapists  is Carl Gustov Jung, like Jung I encourage my clients to explore the unconscious mind, looking at  “self” and the “shadow self”,  the deeper side to all of us; the persona- how we appear to the outside world and others, or how we think we look  in order to protect ourselves.

If you would like more information please contact me on: 07986523041