Welcome to Brighter thoughts.

Brighter Thoughts have Three Practices two in Dartford and one in Northfleet, Kent.

We are respectful that some people may require an evening appointment outside the normal 9.00 am to 5.00 pm working day, we have a late night clinic on a Tuesday at Northfleet (this clinic is usually fully booked weeks in advance) and Thursdays in Dartford. Lorraine also offers home Counselling for clients that need an appointment Between  6.00 pm and 9.00 pm week days or Saturdays between 9.00 am and  3.00 pm.

Have you been thinking recently ? I’d like to talk to someone other than a friend or family member, someone I can be totally open with, non judgemental, but supportive and able to encourage me to explore why I feel the way I do at the moment.

Do you feel that everything is just too much to cope with at the moment,  the simplest things seem so hard too do. You question yourself and ask, “why do I feel this way, where’s it coming from ?” Do you know the answers?, but need to explore how it effects you emotionally, with the hope you’ll become more self aware  and ultimately find a way to cope going into the future.

Brighter thoughts  have a modern way of looking into counselling. Using Integrative counselling along side person centred, you have the tools to complement your own personal journey.

We take into consideration time scales every client is different and with this in mind we offer short and long term counselling. Six weeks or less may be enough for some, others may request longer for complex cases.

Both therapists have individual strengths but have the same goal for you, the client, and that is to empathically support any choices and decisions you make and to provide a safe and comforting environment for you to relax in .

Brighter Thoughts was established with the aim of helping to empower YOU !, to help you gain back a little if not all of your confidence to cope with the things that at present seem out of your control.

Having a vast wealth of knowledge behind us and experience with  a diverse range of clients and cultures, we understand the importance of a good rapport. Feeling comfortable with your therapist is paramount to us and can determine the level of your success .

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A relaxing environment to talk freely, promoting support and guidance to care for self.